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Bell X1 - Velcro
From the Album - Bloodless Coup

*Note: Currently in love with this genius little rock band from Ireland. I can easily hear shades of Radiohead, Joy Division and U2, but they definitely possess enough originality to avoid being pigeonholed with their contemporaries. The New Wave feel extends a fresh hopefulness to their music. Looking forward to seeing them perform this Fall.



"USSR, GDR, London, New York, Peking. It’s the puppets, it’s the puppets who pull the strings."

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U2 - Seconds
From the Album - War

*Note: U2 at their best, as they should be. Stripped down. Primal. This song deserves more recognition.

*This post is dedicated to Suzanne, who is currently kicking ass, taking names and numbers and picking up her Master’s Degree on Saturday! You’re always after me to post U2, so here you go girl! Holla’!



Glasgow Revelation: Glasvegas

Ugh. I have a cold. With colds come bouts of the stir-crazies. Phở with my Dad was the solution. As we ate, discussion turned to Scotland which is no surprise since we are proudly Scottish. My Dad mentioned that many great bands are going unnoticed there. My internal light bulb, dim from my cold, suddenly warmed up! He was right! I told him about Glasvegas, a wonderful band from the east end of Glasgow whom I feel has not received enough attention nor acclaim for their brilliant songwriting.

Glasvegas brings up a recurring theme for me in my musical tastes: nostalgia tinged with reflective melancholy. I always seem to gravitate towards this, like an invisible cord linking me to an echo of a former life lived. It’s not a desire to be sad; it’s just an immediate understanding of the human condition. I detect this instantly in all music from just the first few notes. It is part of me. Something I cannot live without.

The Glasvegas album brings back memories of solitary evening drives in Seattle, ruminating about the history of the city and why I could not connect with it.

My favorites are “Geraldine,” “It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry,” and “Daddy’s Gone.” I have yet to see Glasvegas live, but you can bet I will be first in line when they tour.

Similar Artists: Radiohead, The Raveonettes, U2, Phil Spector

Check out the video for “Geraldine” below…